Services Offered 

Initial In-Home Support and Consultation

A complete lactation assessment of mother and baby, in your home, to assess and troubleshoot breastfeeding difficulties, this visit generally lasts 90-120 minutes. 

In-home visits include a plan of care for mom and baby, reports to physicians, an insurance reimbursement form, and two follow-up phone calls. 

Our Lacation Consultant will travel 20 miles before additional travel charges are incurred. 

Follow Up Consult Visit 

Most problems can be handled in the initial visit, sometimes families need a little more support, adjustment of the care plan, or further assessment. This visit is generally 45-60 minutes in length. 

Telephone Consult

Sometimes you might need more than a few minutes of help over the phone, but not a home visit. 

Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation      

and Education

If this is your first baby, we'll talk about the basics and beyond, cover the educational components of a breastfeeding class, and talk about your personal concerns and goals for breastfeeding.

If you've tried to breastfeed before, and you ran into difficulty, or you'd like to prepare to breastfeed for a longer duration this time, we'll focus on your past experiences and make a plan and set goals to make your breastfeeding experience a success. 

This session is 60-90 minutes. Discounted rates are available for small groups or pairs. 

Back To Work

This is a 60 minute session to assess pump fit, assist you in creating an at-work pumping strategy and plan, and to provide you with educational information and resources for your childcare provider to support breastfeeding while using a bottle.